Jay Time Official


Jaytime is a Nigerian appealing musician, and veteran fashion couture (designer) he started life in the fashion glade, and having discovered his path in music, there came a paradigm of shift into the music space. He started chronologically as a rapper, instrumentalist, a fashionable chorister. With these power-packed features, his path became lucid and properly conceptualized. ‘Jaytime’ stands as a voice for the youth, you can tell that from his selective dress sense to his many eccentric hairdos. Which seemingly paints a picture of musical aesthetics. He started by producing his song, “Come to Me” which was produced by Jaytime with over 1 million streams on YouTube it was indeed a laudable adventure. In the bid to avoid the monotonous trend, he decided to incorporate the services of executive producers who fathoms his vision and style of music. Award-winning afrobeat producers like Magic Stick, Duktor Sett, Vitek, Soundz & Damie pounced on it, to deliver this masterpiece with a resounding touch of expertise and peculiarity.